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At K2 Window Cleaners & Pressure Washing, our top priority is to provide and ensure safety for both our employees and our customers. Our company and our employees are required to follow guidelines provided by OSHA and the ANSI/IWCA I-14 window cleaning safety manual. Our goal is to provide a professional level of safety and fall protection. Our employees will inspect the building surface and fixtures to avoid any hazardous conditions. At K2, we are dedicated to providing clients with custom and professional services and ensuring safety is our top priority for all parties involved. 


At K2 Window Cleaners & Pressure Washing, we require all employees to undergo consistent regular training and attend safety meetings. In addition, we also require continued training on current and  updated window cleaning and safety equipment. Technicians are also required to fill out a fall protection checklist at the start of any job requiring rope work and/or aerial lifts. 


Rope Access uses practical rope techniques to allow technicians to access large scale locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles, or an aerial work platform. Rope access technicians are able to descend, ascend, and traverse for access while suspended by a harness. The safety of the rope eliminates the likelihood of a fall. All rope access technicians use a back-up fall arrest system as a safety precaution. This precaution is achieved by using two ropes, a working line and safety line.


In particular situations, some buildings will require additional equipment to complete the job. Aerial lifts are utilized to access more extreme and difficult areas. OSHA requires that only trained and authorized personnel are allowed to operate an aerial lift. Safety is always our top priority and we guarantee a trained professional will access and complete your needs in a safe manner. 


We comply with all legal and implied requirements for licensing and insurance.

We are 100% licensed and insured. Copies for evidence can be obtained at any time.

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